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Make payments to people, not banks®
Our Story
High interest rates and revolving debt are a huge turn-off. That’s why WinWinX decided to turn things over to YOU. We transform strangers into trusted Sellers and Buyers. Without banks. Without credit checks. Without crushing debt. WinWinX. The promise of Buy Now Pay Later for regular people is finally here. And that’s a huge WinWin for Buyers and Sellers.
People Behind WinWinX
Mark Dziuk
Mark Dziuk is the founder, Chief Executive Officer, and board member of WinWinX, founded in 2015. Mark simply grew sick and tired of the old win/lose scenario and from his frustration came the inspiration for WinWinX.
Founded in 2015, WinWinX is the first and only platform that gives individuals and businesses a revolutionary new way to create payment arrangements — without needing a bank.
Prior to founding WinWinX, Mark was the visionary behind several successful companies, including Freedom of Speech (sold 2002) – a company specializing in advanced assisted living technologies.
Mark was born in Minnesota and moved to Hollywood in his youth where he worked for a notable, A-List comedian. He later went on to study philosophy and art at the University of Minnesota.
Stephanie Fair
Stephanie Fair joined WinWinX in 2020. She has a strong background in Finance and Marketing. She has spent the last 8 years growing startups in the eCommerce space and is known for successfully launching hundreds of products.
She is an expert on all things digital and is passionate about user experience and the customer journey. She brings a unique skill set in that she has quantitative academic training combined with a creative mindset and can translate easily between the two.
Stephanie holds a Bachelor of Commerce degree with a double major in Corporate Finance and Marketing from the University of Adelaide. She has lived in five countries and now considers Orange County, California home.
When you need something today, but payday is tomorrow, we allow the transaction to happen NOW!
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